Analogman Chorus Schematic + Mods

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Analogman Chorus Schematic + Mods

Postby POTL » 18 Oct 2017, 14:19

I'm interested in the Analogman Chorus circuit - I know that this is an EHX Small Clone circuit from the Tone Pad site, but it has minor changes, who is aware of these changes, what has Mike changed?
Also I'm interested in the following fashion
1) Mix - in the left position it is completely pure signal, in the right position it is a chorus (a variant with three modes, clean-chorus-vibrato is not interesting)
I understand that this should be in the mix section, R5 / R21 but how is it better to implement it?
As in the Boss CE-2B?
2) 2) Delay Time
As I understand it, the only option is to replace the R32 with a fixed resistor and a 100K potentiometer in the series with it?
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Re: Analogman Chorus Schematic + Mods

Postby The Rotagilla » 18 Oct 2017, 20:34

FWIW, Analogman has stated that the original EH schematic (and ones that were based on it) contained errors. I've always meant to get around to tracing one out but life usually has other plans. Also keep in mind that he swore the King of Tone and Bigfoot/Fargen JW-40 drive circuit were original designs. :roll:
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