J201 Source Drain Replacement

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J201 Source Drain Replacement

Postby POTL » 19 Jan 2018, 21:44

For a long time I was collecting various layouts on J201. Now I decided to create a full-fledged effect. When designing, I noticed that I was not creating layouts correctly, I did not properly look at the datasheet and collected layouts, mixing the drain and the source.
I checked that when I replaced the correct position, the sound did not change and the bias did not move.
I heard that it is possible to replace the source and drain.
Is this correct and the circuit will work correctly or will this change affect stability and durability?
Are you interested in J201 in the datasheets have information? I did not find.
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Re: J201 Source Drain Replacement

Postby Frank_NH » 19 Jan 2018, 21:51

Apparently for small signal JFETs, you can swap the source and drain. But then, there's no reason to do so as long as you can identify the legs according to the manufacturer's datasheet.

More here:
https://www.electronicspoint.com/thread ... ped.11853/

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POTL (20 Jan 2018, 08:58)
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Re: J201 Source Drain Replacement

Postby deltafred » 20 Jan 2018, 00:20

The datasheets for some small signal surface mount FETs say that the source and drain are interchangeable.
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POTL (20 Jan 2018, 08:58)
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