Exchange MN3002 with MM3004

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Exchange MN3002 with MM3004

Postby Ricotjuh » 13 Mar 2018, 18:18

For a project, I would like to replace an MN3002 with an MN3004 due to availability. Both are a 512-stage BBD chip. Differences that immediately stand out are: GND pin is not equal. With the MN3002 this is on pin 7 and on the MN3004 it is on pin 1. We come immediately to the next point, pin 1 of the MN3002 is the VBB. This is a fixed voltage of 5V ?! This VBB is not on the MN3004.
Will this, and possibly several differences, create a problem in the exchange or are these outside the pin shift quite identical and can I exchange them without many adjustments?
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