Footswitch with non LED ON/OFF Indicator?

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Footswitch with non LED ON/OFF Indicator?

Postby trebbooster » 10 May 2018, 07:09

I am looking for a 2PDT or 3PDT Stomp Switch that has a non LED (or non powered) On / Off indicator, does anything like this exists, if so can you point me to one. Though it may seem odd, I want to build something ( a very simple One .003 mf capacitor stomp box, to simulate the "strangle circuit" in a Fender Jaguar) that has no other parts than the jacks, capacitor and the stomp switch ( to keep it as simple and close to the original circuit) but of course, I would like to know if it's on or off. Does an all mechanical switch with ON/ Off indicator exist? (or a separate non LED or non powered On / Off indicator)
Thank you for your interest and help
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Re: Footswitch with non LED ON/OFF Indicator?

Postby phatt » 10 May 2018, 13:08

If you can find one patent it cause you will become the richest man the world has ever known. :mrgreen:
Sorry chum,, the Led needs a battery to work. :cry:
I believe some lever switches have a mechanical indicator but would be hard to see in the dark and you likely want a stomp switch so you are better off using a battery.
You could likely use a 1.5 volt to run a led.
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Re: Footswitch with non LED ON/OFF Indicator?

Postby microbailey » 10 May 2018, 22:51

Way back in the late 70s (before LEDs were cheap and plentiful) I remember a panel-mount push switch which when pressed mechanically revealed a highly reflective lime disk open so it gave the impression of being illuminated.
The trouble was it only worked if there was plenty of light around to start with, so no use on a dark stage (I was starting to build home-made synths at the time and considered using it on a front panel).
I searched on the interweb but I think its a long-gone product.

As phatt says, better use an LED.
A coin cell will last for ages if you use a high efficiency LED with it.
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Re: Footswitch with non LED ON/OFF Indicator?

Postby Dirk_Hendrik » 13 May 2018, 09:39

Stomp switch you say....

too bad.
Pushbutton switches like this one have a mechanical indicator that moves forward when the switch is actuated: ... B01C3E9DBC
Sorry. Plain out of planes.

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