P90 pot/cap values?

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P90 pot/cap values?

Postby JVanDe7 » 30 Apr 2012, 20:45

Just picked up a Gibson Les Paul Studio Gold Top (60's Tribute) with P90 pickups. Wondering what the consensus is for cap/pot values?

Gibson equips these with B300K volume pots and A500K tone pots. The previous owner upgraded the caps to 0.027uF Sprague Vitamin Q (spendy), and it appears to have 50's wiring - unsure if that was stock or if the previous owner did that.

I changed the B300K vol pots for A500K (Allparts) vol pots and definitely like the results. More clarity and definition. I bought some Sprague Orange Drops 0.015uF and plan on experimenting but would anyone like to weigh in on this matter?

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Re: P90 pot/cap values?

Postby deltafred » 30 Apr 2012, 22:17

I have a 1969 SG Special with P90s, will those values be the same, I can soon pull the cover off and have a look.
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Re: P90 pot/cap values?

Postby skylark44 » 30 Apr 2012, 23:45

If you want slightly different tones, from each pickup...then keep the 0.027 "Vitamin-Q" cap, for the neck pickup (and a "warmer" tone)...and use the .015 "Orange Drop" cap for the Bridge pickup (for a brighter tone). Also, the 500k volume pots will give you more volume, gain, and frequency response (from any pickup), compared to the the stock 300k pots...but using an "A"- pot, versus a "B" pot will give you a slightly different pot sweep (not much, but you might notice a slightly different "roll-off", when turning it up or down). Otherwise, for a more "mellow" tone on the neck pickup...just use the 300k, and the 500k for the bridge. I hope this helps. :mrgreen:
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Re: P90 pot/cap values?

Postby kleuck » 01 May 2012, 01:35

My preferred configuration is : 1M log for the volume pot (with 500pf silver mica/500K treble bleed), 500K log for the tone, 15nf PIO cap.
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