Lace Sensors Out of Phase

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Lace Sensors Out of Phase

Postby CHEEZOR » 27 Jun 2012, 07:21

I just got done rewiring my strat with Lace Sensor Golds. I wired it all up about a year or so ago and when I plugged it in the middle pickup sounded like it was out of phase in the "2" and "4" settings (weak thin output). I was pretty damn sure I wired it right. So I finally got around to opening it back up and, sure enough, I had wired it right. The middle pickup must have been wired wrong at the factory. Im posting this in case someone else has this issue and doesn't know whats going on.

Easy fix: reverse the Orange and White wires so White is your new Hot and Orange is connected to Green / Ground.
That would have been a nightmare if I didn't know what was going on... :roll:
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Main squeeze

Postby Drzeus » 08 Jul 2012, 04:09

Might it be your middle pickup was reverse wound for humbuck on 2&4?
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