Graphtech acousti-phonic hiss

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Graphtech acousti-phonic hiss

Postby emux2 » 27 Mar 2013, 18:51

I recently installed a set of ghost saddles and the acousti-phonic preamp into my Carvin. I am gettign tones of hiss even when both the mag and piezo volumes are turned down. I installe one of these on a friend's strat and do not remember having this much hiss. Is there any way to filter the hiss?
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Re: Graphtech acousti-phonic hiss

Postby GuitarlCarl » 28 Mar 2013, 03:29

Check your grounds... I do a lot of guitar work and 3/4 of the time it's the ground.
I want it to sound like bees buzzing around in a 55 gallon drum...
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