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Telecaster Bill Lawrence 5-Way-Switch Wiring plus serial

PostPosted: 11 Nov 2016, 08:24
Hi folks,

recently I bought a cheap Telecaster copy which plays and sounds quite decent so I decided to spend some work on it. I already rewired it to a Bill Lawrence 5-Way-Switch-Wiring (Sorry, couldn't find a proper schematic - only this wiring scheme: ... g2_WEB.jpg) and I must say I really dig it. The half out of phase setting sounds cool as well as the bass cut neck PU setting (quite handy if you play powerchords on the neck with full fuzz on it).
Since I've never been good in logic operations back in math in school I have some trouble to figure out, if it's possible to add a serial switch for the both PU setting with a DPDT push-pull-pot and if so, how to wire it. So any help of you more experienced people is highly welcome! Thanks in advance!