Guitar setup,hate when I do this

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Guitar setup,hate when I do this

Postby Aharon » 12 Apr 2017, 12:54

Ok I thought I would share this since there might be others out there who have bought or own an epiphone special les paul.
I fell for the slash special II,nice guitar but really crappy tuners.

I had some tuning issues more like intonation that revealed themselves when using heavy distorted tones and highish volume.
So last night I decided to intonate the geetar again but I had to flip the 3rd 2nd and 1st saddles ,so I say might as well change the strings,then I go might as well change those crappy tuners for others less crappy ,might as well adjust the neck and so on.
Sufice to say 3hours latter I"m done ,middle of the night ,tired but with one bitching special II that plays better than ever.

Advice on reaming the holes,get a good reamer,I bought one of those $10 jobs on amazon and it took me half hour each hole,they were perfect tho but i suspect the reamer from stewmac would've been better and faster.

Why guitars are always sharp when it comes to intonation ,I always have to lengthen the string,this happens to real gibsons ,epis,fender,squier you name it,I guess the same tech sets up the cnc machine for all factories,I mean they have to know their bridges are off ,that's what scares me about buying a high end gibson,I had a studio and sold it cause it was horrible,the bridge was off by 1/8 at least.
I almost forgot ,horror of horrors I filed the nut cause it was binding a little on the 1,2 and 3 strings,lube and no more pinging. :applause:

Change strings often,even if you think they are ok,I'm so lazy for that .

Ah ,got my lemon oil and lubed the fret board,my fingers were sticking a bit and bringing down my technique haha.....

I enjoyed the work,I'm at a point that I can do all this but trust me there's been many casualties during my learning period,well worth the expense if you love guitars and amps,I can smell a vintage amp at several feet,definately in the room ,same with guitars,I knew if somebody opened the case of my 65 335 half an hour after it happened.
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