Ancient capacitor help

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Ancient capacitor help

Postby JustinFun » 10 Dec 2013, 07:54

I just got hold of some ancient 2u2 capacitors which I was thinking of using in some fuzz face builds. I know mojo is bunk but sometimes it's fun to build with smd, and sometimes it's fun to build with stupidly big vintage components.


The text at the top says 'STC' which I assume means they're tants? Trouble is there doesn't seem to be any polarity marking on them. The ends do look different from each other however.



If I was to guess I'd say the blue end was positive (as per the 'pinched' end in an axial electro) but I'm hoping someone here can do better than a guess.

They only cost pence so if general consensus is I'd be better off consigning them to the bin I won't be particularly put out.
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Postby Godebut » 11 Dec 2013, 01:51

They don't look electrolytic?
Old caps value will drift over time tho,so if u have a multimeter that measures capacitance,using it on them will give u a correct value,and0let u know if electro or not? Getting the best meter u can is always the way to go
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