electrolytic instead of film?

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electrolytic instead of film?

Postby TheAttackman » 18 Mar 2009, 03:43

so im building a wooly mammoth clone and i bought two 1uF and two 20uF electolictic caps instead of two 10N and 20uF film ... will these still work... if so.. how should i orient them..
if not.. i have two .1uF trop fish caps... would subbing these in place of the 10n's (which arnt the same as .1uFs) work... im pretty sure that the 10N caps are input/output... so woulndt .1uF give me more fuzz (the more the merrier :applause: )????
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Re: electrolytic instead of film?

Postby rrhoads33 » 13 Apr 2009, 21:57


I just wanted to add, that electrolytic caps have bad effects on the tone if you place them in signal chains of audio circuits, because they treat both half waves differently, because they have a certain polarization. That causes a sort of an asymmetrical distortion, which doesn't sounds good in most cases.

Please don't confuse this with asymmetrical distortions produced by clipping diodes.

But you want to make a fuzz, which should sound a bit strange, so you'll maybe like here the "bad" tones from an electrolytic or a tantalum cap (which is also known for sounding bad.)
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