Cap Burnouts?

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Cap Burnouts?

Postby Kollaps » 17 Jan 2010, 20:31

Was trying to build my second Drag'N'Fly after the first went so smoothly. However, I've been trying to build this second one for several days, all day, and can't figure out whats wrong.

First time I fired it up, smoke came up from some of the caps, but none of them show any signs of damage. I was wondering if there was a way to test each of these components without having to start over from scratch, which I've already done on a new board now, and buying all new components, or if maybe something else was wrong. I have, however, already tried replacing the trannies, and that had no effect.

I read RG Keen's article on debugging, and I don't get any sound when the pedal is engaged (hence why something is probably burnt out), but did at one point--however, the sound was shit, and I get nothing now. Signal is passed when the effect is bypassed.

Any ideas?
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Re: Cap Burnouts?

Postby Taller76 » 25 Jan 2010, 08:15

Kollaps wrote:smoke came up from some of the caps

Check the polarity of the electrolytic caps (C2, C4, C5)....probably the quickest way is to compare them to your working one.
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