free graphic design software??

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free graphic design software??

Postby Muiller » 11 Nov 2012, 01:25

Hi everyone

Just wondering what free or cheap software is good for designing decals for pedals or
how other people go about designing there decals.
All my pedals will be using 125b enclosures so I'm hoping that it has a 125b template built into the software.
Hope it all make sense.
PS. It must be easy to use.

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Re: free graphic design software??

Postby Duckman » 11 Nov 2012, 02:04

Inkscape :secret:
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Re: free graphic design software??

Postby Lucifer » 11 Nov 2012, 16:23

Yes, Inkscape is great - and simple to use. :thumbsup

Also, Das Musikding has some Inkscape templates for a range of standard pedal sizes.

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