Removing superglue excess from painted enclosure?

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Removing superglue excess from painted enclosure?

Postby fuzzbuzzfuzz » 07 Jan 2013, 14:00

Hi all,

A humble request for help over an amateur matter - yet something infuriating :(

In repairing a pedal - using adhesive to reattach a logo plate - I unfortunately got excess glue on the painted (gloss) pedal casing (a smearing and a fingerprint!). The glue is "Strong cyanoacrylate adhesive", and seems to resist all attempts to shift it. Tried the basic warm water/soap, then enamel nail polish remover, but to no avail.

Can anyone help? I`d really appreciate any useful tips, as I am at my wits end trying to sort it.

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Re: Removing superglue excess from painted enclosure?

Postby ozymandias » 26 Feb 2013, 01:50

You could try this; superglue is cyanoacrylate. It certainly works for me whenever I superglue my fingers together. Far more effective than soapy water. Probably best to try on an inconspicuous area first in case it affect the underlying paintwork. ... 369&sr=8-1

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