Enclosure finishing in less than ideal weather

Frequent question about finishing your stompbox: painting, etching, clearcoating, lettering, etc...

Enclosure finishing in less than ideal weather

Postby CodeMonk » 15 Jan 2013, 08:26

Right now I am living in Northern Nevada (About 60 miles east of Lake Tahoe).
I moved back here in October.
Since I moved here, the temperature has not gotten above 40F (4.44 Celsius), except one day last week we got up to around 50F.
Right now, 11pm, its about 20F.
Temps are averaging around 20F - 30F throughout the day, dropping to single digits at night.
Humidity is currently around 60%. Humidity is usually VERY low during the summer months.

What are ways around these weather conditions when it comes to finishing pedals?
I'm talking about rattle cans and such or any other alternatives anyone can come up with.
Airbrushing maybe?

I am looking into having some enclosures powder coated locally, but would like to be able to just spray paint some now and then as needed.

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Re: Enclosure finishing in less than ideal weather

Postby tasteless » 03 Mar 2013, 15:56

I often wonder this myself - And I can imagine that quite a few of 'us' could tend to be rather productive in the colder months.
My little corner of the planet isn't quite as cold as Yours But , It isn't much warmer either.
I also live at the top of a hill and So even good days have just enough breeze to make spraying a PITA.

I've been toying with the idea of constructing a folding portable spraybooth.
I thought a folding card table could make a suitable frame.

Initially , The concept was to isolate the process - So that I could spray inside the garage , without asphixiating ( or however that is spelt ) myself.
I pictured a sort of small plastic tent with a couple of arm-holes and an extraction system ( probably involving an old PC fan ).

Then I thought ' what if I could warm the air inside the enclosure ( with a hairdryer maybe ? ) just prior to spraying ?
Maybe bubblewrap might contain the warm air better ?
Of course the extractor would probably remove the warm air fairly quickly But , I haven't given the whole concept a great deal of thought at this point.

I also once constructed a small 'lightbox' for pre-heating marine epoxy ( basically just a wooden box with a lightglobe inside it ).
It certainly got very warm , very fast.
Given that some form of light would be required for painting anyway - This may also find it's way into the design.

I suppose I better start looking for a small card table and see what I can come up with.
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