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Stereo and Mono output

PostPosted: 30 Dec 2014, 20:17
by fishfude
Hi Folks,

I working on a stereo circuit at the moment which will have a stereo 1/4" output. What if I wanted to get a mono signal from this? Could I just plug in a mono 1/4" lead? Or would this double the strength of the signal? Would it be better to have a seperate output that has combined the stereo signals in some appropriate way?



Re: Stereo and Mono output

PostPosted: 30 Dec 2014, 21:37
by Nocentelli
It's probably easier to advise if we could see the schematic...

If it's a stereo effect with two unique output signals (e.g ping pong stereo delay) you would normally have two separate outputs, designated left (mono) and right (stereo): If you use both outs (e.g to two amps or DI channels) you get the ping pong effect; If you use switching jacks you have the option to have the right output summed with the left when you only use the left output and the right has no jack inserted. In this example, there should not be a problem with signal overload: there would just be twice as many repeats down the single channel, and you might want to dial back the delay mix to mitigate.