<multi effect> switch function (one pedal with two circuits)

Putting two effects in one box almost looks too easy, but you will save a lot of time reading the frequent questions before starting such a project...

<multi effect> switch function (one pedal with two circuits)

Postby solderboy » 07 Nov 2007, 14:58

Hi There,

an older idea that i had is grown up again, as i das the Fooltone gt500..

I Build a 2Channel Pedal some time ago, based on two Overdrive Circuits, where You can change between Circuit 1 and 2 (one Footswitch to Bypass the Pedal and one Footswitch for changing Channel...)

Another Idea was the Feature to take another Switch (not Footswitch) to make the 2nd Footswitch a different funktion
= one position of the Switch lets the Channel Footswitch change between Ch1 and Ch2
= 2nd Position let the Footswitch put the two Circuits in Series instead of change between them...
is it possible to realize it with for example a DPDT or 3PDT Switch?

As i saw the Funktion to switch the gt500 to swap the Circuits, i remembered my idea with the 2Channel Pedal....

any ideas/suggestions?

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Re: Switch Function (one Pedal with two Circuits)

Postby frameandcanvas » 28 Mar 2008, 02:10

If it's any help I'm going to be trying something like this pretty soon.
I'm going to put a fuzz and a boost in the same enclosure with a footswitch for each effect individually so it would go
Boost -> Fuzz
and have each one turn on/ bypass each circuit
so when both are on it's in series that way.
ack i'm getting confusing.
i will post pics and results later when i get my order from small bear with the switches.

OH I almost forgot, im going to add a feedback loop that's footswitch activated with a pot to control the mix of the signal as well.

hopefully all will go well!
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