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Re: Thank You !!!

Postby mäk » 29 Aug 2011, 00:50

Me too!
Thats great!
Thanks a lot!!!
:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
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Re: is back

Postby atreidesheir » 29 Aug 2011, 00:57

Is this on?"
Thanks so much for everything.
It is great this worked.
I had forgotten how AWESOME porn was. BUT it will be nice to have a hobby I do not have to share with my wife again
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Re: Thank You !!!

Postby method » 29 Aug 2011, 01:01

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Re: is back

Postby rocklander » 29 Aug 2011, 01:02

atreidesheir wrote:"Tap...Tap
Is this on?"

:x pet hate... mic tapping!

atreidesheir wrote:I had forgotten how AWESOME porn was. BUT it will be nice to have a hobby I do not have to share with my wife again

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Re: Thank You !!!

Postby greenskull » 29 Aug 2011, 01:04

Thanks for hanging in there and not giving up!
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Re: Thank You !!!

Postby drbob1 » 29 Aug 2011, 01:08

Well done!
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Re: is back

Postby deltafred » 29 Aug 2011, 01:09

rocklander wrote: :x pet hate... mic tapping!

Yea, what's wrong wih a good old "one two"?
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Re: is back

Postby Duckman » 29 Aug 2011, 01:13

What a relief!!

Welcome back guys!!

Thanks Johan!! :applause: :applause:
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Re: is back

Postby joeboo88 » 29 Aug 2011, 01:31

Than you MODMAN, maybe this sounds lame, us thanking you not really knowing all the crap you put up with, and it must have been a bitch and a couple of bottles of Tylenol.
Sorry you had to work your ass off, but when all we can do is thank-you, well THANK-YOU and WE really appreciate you and the moderators, for being selfless. ......Ah I'm Home!
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Re: Thank You !!!

Postby n8b5150 » 29 Aug 2011, 01:32

Glad to see fsb back in action. Thank for all of your hard work modman!
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Re: Thank You !!!

Postby danielzink » 29 Aug 2011, 01:32

x1,000 !!

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Re: is back

Postby JiM » 29 Aug 2011, 01:41

[smilie=a_bravo.gif] [smilie=a_goodjob.gif] [smilie=thanks.gif] [smilie=drink.gif]

It feels good to see the forum up and running again !

I did search a bit about the dutch server, it's also hosting a warez forum on the same IP address. Could that be a cause, or a consequence ?
Anyway, the important thing is to be here (i mean, wherever you are) all together, ready to hack some fuzz and bust some goop. I'm also glad that Modman took the opportunity to a crash-course in linux server administration :mrgreen: after all, it's all about learning stuff, right ?

Joke aside, thank you very much Modman for all the efforts you did, the sleepless night you spent, and the successful move.
Long live to this new server, long live to ! :horsey:

Unfortunately, some posts were lost in the battle.
(I had done a couple of nice ones, even received thanks for those, about Joyo Character Series and DSPs ... ) :cry:
Let's try and re-write them as close as possible !
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Re: Thank You !!!

Postby mcaviel » 29 Aug 2011, 01:46

:horsey: :applause:
Thanks modman!
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Re: is back

Postby mcaviel » 29 Aug 2011, 01:50

Thanks Modman!
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Re: is back

Postby rocko1369 » 29 Aug 2011, 02:05

Thank you Johan/Modman, I don't think any words could express the joy that we find here.
Thank you for giving us this place to hang out.mark.
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Re: is back

Postby PokeyPete » 29 Aug 2011, 02:10

It's great to see FSB back online. Thank you modman! Fantastic job!
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good counsel, and no man so wise that he may not easily err
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Re: Thank You !!!

Postby GuitarlCarl » 29 Aug 2011, 02:11

This day just keeps getting better and better!!! :applause:
I want it to sound like bees buzzing around in a 55 gallon drum...
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Re: Thank You !!!

Postby CharlyG » 29 Aug 2011, 02:15

Are we allowed to be thankful in TWO threads? Ok then, count me in.
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Re: Thank You !!!

Postby Fredenando » 29 Aug 2011, 02:23

Thanks and thanks a thousand times!!
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Re: is back

Postby morelius21 » 29 Aug 2011, 02:40

Thanks you man :D
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