ATTENTION - Pedals Sales move to the 'Seen for sale' folder

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ATTENTION - Pedals Sales move to the 'Seen for sale' folder

Postby modman » 23 Oct 2008, 14:01

Again I want to stress some points regarding the sale of [i]working pedals[/i] on freestompboxes:

    * Working pedals (new or second hand) can be put up for sale on FSB, but please do this in the 'Seen for Sale' section. This section is for sourcing, trading or even selling for a nice prices of stompbox components, tools and hardware related to stompbox building. Non-working effects can still be offered here, I think.
    * Know that when buying from somebody on the forum, the deal is entirely your own responbility. There is no form of buyer protection at all (for now), although the forum members' (number of) posts provide some reference. I ask myself -- why sell something here when you will have a much broader audience on ebay.
    * A lot of deals are finalized in private messages or email, but I would like to encourage everyone who made a deal to either a) mention in the thread a payment was done; b) or ask me to close the thread in pm or email. This might prevent scammers from taking money from several buyers at the same time without the buyers being aware of this. Protect your fellow fsb-ers! :hug: :wink:

Comments, discussion, remarks, corrections and better solutions will all be taken into account. But do voice them... For now, this is how it's done. :wink: Moving some threads now...

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