Capacitor polarity?

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Capacitor polarity?

Postby DieterVDW » 10 Mar 2014, 00:51


I soldered together a Big Muff clone based on the design and ready-to-build kit from .
It ain't working yet though...

What I was wondering: some of the film capacitors (aka the whitish boxy things) are marked with a dot, and the schematics also clearly mark a + side on the board.
By the power of deduction I conclude these things must have some kind of polarity. Looking at the current way I soldered this, I've probably screwed this up.

My questions:
- Am I correct in concluding these things have polarity? I'm reading some mixed opinions on that ...
- Which polarity does the dot mark?
- Some capacitors have no dot -> no polarity?
- Will using the capacitors with reverse polarity have fried them?

Schematic (copyright Musikding):

Crappy phone-cam picture of the board:
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Re: Capacitor polarity?

Postby Intripped » 10 Mar 2014, 04:41

no film-capacitor has polarity and the dot isn't a polarity marker, it is part of the marking that indicates the value toghether with other characteristics of that capacitor:

take the marking on those caps: .1k63
.1 stands for 0.1 uF (100nF) - the first "0" is omitted in the marking
k indicates the tolerance of the cap' value (k=+/-10%)
63 tells you the max voltage for the cap, in this case 63V (volts)

google for capacitor code, you'll find many other things probably something else is wrong with your circuit: maybe one of the wires that you soldered under the board is shorting somewhere?
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