Check my work please.. Master On/Off

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Check my work please.. Master On/Off

Postby avenger7326 » 17 Jan 2015, 00:25

I'm hoping someone could check the changes I made to the wiring diagram I'll be using.

I'm an absolute beginner with building stomp boxes and I'm planning on making a ZVex SHO my first build.

This is a link to the wiring diagram I came up with by simply copying information I found on the web.

Now the thing is I absolutely hate having to unplug my pedals to conserve the battery and is one of the reasons I do without batteries whenever possible. So seeing as I'll be building this pedal I figured I could correct the problem by building in a MASTER On/Off switch with its own indicator led. So with the power switch on the unit runs as a regular true bypass effect with the 3PDT switch turning the effect and effect led on and off. With the master off the circuit is dead with no signal and most importantly no power drain.

This link is the the diagram I made up including a SPST master switch, master LED, and 2.2k resistor for the LED

The way photobucket is set up you can simply click on the image to cycle back and forth between the two diagrams and see the additions I made.
Maybe I got it right, maybe kinda right, maybe its as wrong as wrong could be lol I tried my best and I thank you for your help!
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