How do you transfer a schematic to bread board?

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Re: How do you transfer a schematic to bread board?

Postby commathe » 20 Nov 2013, 05:25

Personally I take a printout of the schematic and many different colored highlighters. Then I color each line on the schematic a color until it reaches a component and then I stop and change colors. Then I color the line coming out the other side of the component another color. In the end each individual colored line will represent one horizontal line on the breadboard. For instance, if there are three components attached to the emitter of a transistor, on my schematic the line leading out of the emitter to the three components will be one color so I'll know that the emitter and those three components have to be inserted into the same row. Then I methodically work my way from input to output (left to right), audio probing as I go along.
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