ECHO BASE Modulation issue / Multipedals-series or parallel?

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ECHO BASE Modulation issue / Multipedals-series or parallel?

Postby OnTheTundra » 18 Nov 2010, 20:57

Hey all,
Ive put together an Echo Base with the PCB you can buy on ebay. Ive got it working nicely except for the modulation. The LED doesnt flicker when the mod switch is on or off, there is no perceivable modulation in the on position, but when I manipulate the LFO Depth pot while the pedal is delaying I can hear a change in tone as if it were modulating. These things are supposed to have crazy modulation and Im not getting really anything. Ive done all the mods besides the diode lift mod, so I have the LFO depth, speed, and wave shape pots all hooked up. Some differences I have in components are: I used an NTE 294 inplace of the bc560. This shouldnt be a problem. I used an NTE 123ap instead of the 2n5089 which shouldnt be a problem. Im using a CD4066bn which is the same as every other 4066 Im assuming. Everything is hooked up nicely. Ive tried different mod on-off switches. the only thing I havent tried is replacing the A100K LFO Depth pot. I have the npn transistor socketed and Im wondering if I should just put it right in the board for a better connection. I dont know if pictures would help because its a mess of wires b/c of the modifications. I am using regular pots with wire connections because thats what I have.

A separate issue is I want to do a rebote delay with an EHX pulsar in one box. I do multi pedlas all the time that have independant stomp switches but run off one 9v power source with one input one output. I run the power in parallel and the input outpu are just in series from one switch to the next. This seems to be working fine but for the the Tremolay I want to build, Id like to have one switch with a blend knob between the effects. Ive tried this with an octave up/octave down fuzz I built but the leading pedal's volume pot ends up controlling the whole thing. Is there a thread on here that explains what Im trying to do r does anyone have any advice?

Thanks in Advance.
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