Rangemaster issues

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Rangemaster issues

Postby agreco1489 » 16 Feb 2012, 19:02

Hey guys this is the second pedal I have ever built so thanks a lot for all and any help.
When I plug it in I get a bypassed signal but nothing when I engage the pedal. :oops:

Inside #1

Inside #2

This is the wiring diagram I used

And the layout

I was thinking that it might be because the output cap?(yellow) in the top right is being grounded by the lug that I soldered it to? :hmmm:
If any one needs more info about the wiring ect...I would gladly put it up......thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Rangemaster issues

Postby PokeyPete » 17 Feb 2012, 18:21

Your problem is fairly obvious, but before I point it out let me make a few suggestions:

1) You wired the +9V to the sleeve of the input jack, this should have gone to the ring connector.
The sleeves of the two jacks are already connected together via the metal case and does not need
to be wired together....remove that white wire between the two jacks. Here's what the input jack
should look like.....+9V on the ring; tip to the input on the switch; and the sleeve wired to the
positive of the capacitors of the circuit (where all the blue wires are).,,,remove that extra blue
wire going to the switch and that black wire on the input jack to the switch. You only need two
columns on the switch, the input column and the output column. I didn't notice an LED so that
third column is not needed. However, if you wanted to switch the circuit on and off, you could
use this third column for that, but I would suggest switching the 0V (black battery wire) to the
circuit in that case. The output jack only needs the tip wired to its connector on the switch.

2) You may want to remove JD Sleep's switch wiring diagram. It says that you don't have permission
to post it off of his site!

Ok, now to why it doesn't work. I'm assuming that all the parts are good. Also, I am assuming
that you have correctly identified the transistor CBE connections, and have wired the circuit correctly.
The obvious fault is that...all the outside connectors of the terminal strips are connected to the
chassis. You wired the output .01uF cap to one of these connectors tying it to the chassis
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