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ROG 3 legged dog 2SK30A

PostPosted: 24 Feb 2012, 22:15
by Victor Nery

Built this cicuit per original except for the 2SK30A in the place of the J201. The only problem was with gain control in the minimun the sound was gatey and squealing when I hit the cords. Read something about biasing and get back to the bord replacing tje 8k2 (which gave 1.1 at drain) by a 4k7 (which gave me 3.3). It fixed my first problem but I got another one: when I raise the gain pot up almost a quarter past minimum it starts to make a terrible noise that wasn‘t in the pedal even with maximum gain using the 8k2. What do you say? Should I try 3k3 to 3k9 to get evn closer to 4.5 (and consequently have more gain in this stage because a higher voltage at drain?) and leave the gain pot as is or should I try a smaller pot to reduce gain in the stage where it is situated (the first inverter)?

Thanks in advance