Tenebrion Reverb and Unwanted Distortion.

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Tenebrion Reverb and Unwanted Distortion.

Postby ooperz » 26 Aug 2014, 08:55

So I was having several issues with this for a while and I've finally gotten sound coming out when the effect is engaged! BUT... the sound is distorted. Sad day.

Before we start, here's the schematic and what not:
http://www.grindcustomsfx.com/forum/vie ... ?f=2&t=219

While probing around with my meter, I found that when measuring voltage on pin 5 of the IC, the distortion stops and, seemingly, the reverb works fine. It does seem to take a split second to "charge" or something before it clears up, and then when you take the meter off it takes another split second to quickly fade into the distorted audio.

I've replaced the both ICs and it didn't help. I replaced C1 on a whim since it seems to lag, or "charge up" to a clean signal, hoping it might work. Nothing has remotely helped except puting my meter between pin 5 and ground. Well, and on the IC side of C1 and R2.

I also grounded pin 5, before I relized there's probably a resistor (or cap?) in the meter... no sound at all with that.. :)

I'm posting this from work, so no voltages or anything are handy, but I'll get them up here as soon as I can.

For what it's worth, the meter I'm using is a Klein MM200.
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