I'm trying to mod a Harmonic Percolator, BUT...

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I'm trying to mod a Harmonic Percolator, BUT...

Postby ElSpeakoDelSpanisho » 15 Oct 2014, 03:01

I'm not getting a signal, even with no power (ie. bypassed).

I'm trying to add a starve knob, a tone control, and a "pinch" knob (look at the schematic for the Woolly Mammoth, I guess I'm trying to control between the "gain stages". Is that the right term? "Gain stages"?) to the Harmonic Percolator. However, with it all layed out on perf, nothings working. The signal stays at one corner near the 2N404A, but that's it.

Here's the schematic I drew up: Image

And here's a link to thephoto album.
What exactly am I doing wrong?
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