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A/B box with tuner always on jack + mute switch popping

PostPosted: 08 Dec 2014, 14:22
by noiseuoh

So, ive built an A/B box to switch between a guitar and a keyboard for a friend. It also has a mute switch and tuner out jack (always on). i used a simple opamp buffer from each input to split the signal to the tuner and the A/B selector switch so there wouldnt be any cross talk and the tuner would function properly.
now, my only problem is popping when selecting between A or B inputs or when the mute switch turns off. there is no pop when the mute switch is engaged.
i tried to add bajamans buffer from here ... c.png.html
to one of the input channels but it still popped.
i used the input jack tip as the input for the baja buffer, the input of the FX of the baja buffer went to the buffer/splitter input and the baja buffer switch output went to the A/B switch output.
does this all make sense?
would anyone have any ideas what i could to eliminate the popping?
thank you very much.