Death by Audio - Apocalypse

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Re: Death by Audio - Apocalypse

Postby Wiseblood » 15 Feb 2017, 00:50

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Re: Death by Audio - Apocalypse

Postby Cannibal » 16 Feb 2017, 15:17

My bad!!

There was a mistake and the pedal seemed to work properly due to the ultra-heavy amount of gain.
I corrected a couple issues and now it works. Treat the SCOOP transistor (NPN MPSA06) like a PNP - that means collector to GND.
Squarewave section TL072 has pin 3 and 5 connected to Vref.

Check the correct files below.

Also try different configurations on the pins of B100K (equalization) - depending on how you wire 1 and 3 it could act as a frequency cutter or the original EQ.
Maybe try A100K for a better control.
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Re: Death by Audio - Apocalypse

Postby johnk » Yesterday, 20:12

i drew up my own PCB layout for it using the posted schematic and built & tested it, but i think that it has some errors. the tone control doesn't work like the sample videos and two of the positions on the rotary have VERY LOW output so, IMO, this one isn't quite solved yet.
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