Amptweaker - Tight Metal  [traced]

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Re: Amptweaker - Tight Metal

Postby Belanger88 » 07 Mar 2017, 07:23

J0K3RX wrote:I was gonna get a BigRock Pro and bust that bad boy opened so we can dissect like Dr. G Medical Examiner :evil:

The reason I decided to get a BRP is because a forum member (who I will not name unless he says it's ok) sent me a bunch of excelent gut shots of the Tight Metal Pro. The pics are great but, even with all the great pics it's still gonna be damn near impossible to trace without the actual pedal in hand... So, I figured since the TMP and the BRP are both built using the same boards I would buy a BRP, trace it and use the pics from the TMP to find the differences and then we will have both! Be like killin 2 pedals with 1 BigRock! :twisted: I will start a new topic when I begin.. Who's up for it?

From looking at the pics this is one heavy duty no bull shit pedal! Very well layed out all crazy Amptweaker style with quality components and looks to be all hand soldered which is nuts if you're building thousands of them!! The enclosure is made of thick ass steel armor like all the rest... I think it's one of the best built pedals around man, these fukers ain't no joke!!


im so excited to see what the boost section is!!
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Re: Amptweaker - Tight Metal

Postby J0K3RX » 09 Mar 2017, 20:56

It arrived today.. stay tuned for gut shots and schematics :twisted:

I will probably start a new topic "Amptweaker BigRock/TightMetal Pro" :hmmm:

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Re: Amptweaker - Tight Metal

Postby teddeeh » 22 Mar 2017, 02:32

Hi guys. Im having a bit of a hard time understanding the tight rock mods, could someone help me please? I used the schematic over at effectslayouts here
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