WMD Arcane Preamp

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WMD Arcane Preamp

Postby noiseuoh » 01 Apr 2014, 20:07

Anyone have any info on this? Im trying to repair one (the fuzz side is broken) and it seems like the IC is blown. i will post pics tomorrow but was just curious if anyone had an idea whats going on under the hood.
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Re: WMD Arcane Preamp

Postby Gila_Crisis » 30 Apr 2014, 13:53

I have one as well, it's a really cool boost/fuzz device!
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Re: WMD Arcane Preamp

Postby dv8r601 » 03 Mar 2018, 08:42

Gila_Crisis wrote:I have one as well, it's a really cool boost/fuzz device!

Do either of you still have this? I'm gassing to know what's under the hood. Joe Gagan just put up a demo on his YouTube channel that sounds great
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