Wampler - Hotwired vs 1  [traced]

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Wampler - Hotwired vs 1  [traced]

Postby marckosolo1 » 08 Nov 2017, 21:57

Today I got this one to look at. This is version 1.Tracing was not difficult. Only one opamp is used for both sides {RC4580DD). Voltage dividing ( Vreff) is shared by both sides. Clear red leds are used. All caps are Panasonic film caps except the 47pF cap and the electrolytics in the divider-circuit. In the overdrive-section is a three-way on-of-on toggleswitch is used for bass. All resistors are metal-film. I don't have a good program for drawing schematics so i had to scribble some on the images .I hope it is clear enough. I didn't draw the switching . It is standard true bypass switching.
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Re: Wampler - Hotwired vs 1

Postby sego91 » Yesterday, 01:47

Hey guys, here I transcripted the layout, correct please if you see something wrong, cause I'm gonna prepare the PCBs tomorrow :D


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