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Donner Tutti Classic Analog Chorus Nano- exposed

PostPosted: 25 Jan 2018, 21:47
by myonus
I bought this nano pedal for the simple reason to take it apart, and modify it to be an onboard effect on my 12 string Thinline Telecaster. I looked all over the internet to find pics of the interior, with null results. It cost $24- and looks like this is going to be my perfect addition to a great sound.

Plugged this into a 9v 1spot- sounded fantastic. will hook up to a 9v battery clip, and descretely install into the backside (new cavity with cover) and place daughterboard inside existing pick guard cavity. No need for DPDT switch (will fix a DPDT toggle to bypass) or input/ output jacks or enclosure. (woo hoo! extra parts)

Hope this inspires projects in the Nano perspective. :applause:

Oh and BTW-

IC chips are as follows: mn3207 8881, 4558D JRC YDD168, V3102D C5251510