Brian May's Deacy Amp secrets revealed  [traced]

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Re: Brian May "Deacy Amp" Secrets Revealed

Postby lolbou » 22 Jul 2017, 21:39 Problem solved, might be helpful to the thread. It's a Supersonic pr80 radio circuit. (Been posted here before in the Fryer replica thread)...
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Converting Brain May Deacy amp to a Pedal?

Postby trebbooster » 27 Nov 2017, 11:22

I was wondering if anyone would have any idea how to modify the Brain May Deacy amp into a pedal? The strip board diagram I'm looking at using was put up by Paul in the lab ... board.html
If anyone here would know how to possibly turn this into a great pedal, please post your mods.
Thank you and have a great week :)
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Re: Brian May's Deacy Amp secrets revealed

Postby bancika » 28 Nov 2017, 13:59

sure, you can put a resistive load instead of the speaker and tap the output from there. Google firezog line out.
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