Mad Professor - Deep Blue Delay  [traced]

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Re: Mad Professor - Deep Blue Delay

Postby Funkomat » 17 Jan 2018, 11:47

rocklander wrote:
Funkomat wrote:
DimebuGG wrote:Happy New Year!..

Better late than never... :)

I based this layout according to measurements of a 1590B-type enclosure.

Hey guys,
has this layout ever been verified?
If not, would you please point me to the verified layout..? :)

a read of the thread will reveal :-)

Yeah.. I've read it :)
I was mainly asking about DimebuGG's layout acuse it seamed pretty neat.
I'll go with your layout if I decide to go for a 1590a or Madbean's layout for a B!

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Re: Mad Professor - Deep Blue Delay

Postby Chrsrndt » 26 Mar 2018, 02:39

Hello. I got almost all the way through putting the resistors in to the strip board when I noticed R19 isn’t on the strip board layout. It’s the 220 K resistor. Where might that one belong? Thank you!
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