Cornish G2 - Guts, Schematic, Layout (from Tracer's Fund)  [traced]

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Re: Cornish G2 - Guts, Schematic, Layout (from Tracer's Fund

Postby mookyj » 17 Jul 2018, 06:08

I find it a disappointment of craft to see what is in this pedal. One could claim craftsmanship for the harnessing, except if designed properly, none would ever be needed. The PCB looks to be old tape and mylar design which may hold nostalgic value but as it is, it's poorly laid out, and poorly adapted for PCB fab, DFM, consistent impedance and minimal return paths. Seriously expected to see far better implementation and execution of design...shame to see something so overpriced and poorly designed. I would say he went out of his way to make it more difficult to reverse engineer it. The goop is a real nice paranoid feature...

If you make it well enough and cheap enough, it makes it not worth the bother for your competitor.

Kudos to the efforts to make sense of it, it surely can be done properly with significant improvements.
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