Building the Perfect PC, 2010

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Building the Perfect PC, 2010

Postby SPeter » 08 Dec 2010, 22:55

If your dream is to heve boutique computer this book is for you!

" Build a PC that will outperform any brand-name box on the market
Yes, even if you’re not a total geek you can build your own PC -- and we guarantee it’s worth the effort. You’ll discover that the quality is better and the cost is much lower than any comparable off-the-shelf PC you can buy. Design the custom computer you want, and have fun doing it.
Get high-quality PC hardware from local stores and online vendors
Plan your computer project with a complete checklist
Create the ideal PC that will run Windows 7 or Linux
Take advantage of the latest multi-core CPUs
Assemble, test, and configure your PC with ease
Build a PC that meets your needs and fits your budget
Written by hardware experts, this book delivers complete instructions for building your own dream machine with high-quality components, whether it’s a PC for general use, extreme gaming, a media center, or home server. Straightforward language, clear directions, and easy-to-follow illustrations make this guide a breeze for computer builders of any skill level, even those with no experience.
Building the Perfect PC presents six in-depth custom PC projects:
Mainstream PC -- Fast, flexible, quiet, and reliable at a reasonable price
Extreme System -- A wicked fast PC for video editing, gaming, and more
Media Center -- One PC to replace your TiVo, game console, DVD, and CD player
Home Server -- Ideal home network hub to store, share, and secure data
Appliance PC -- A tiny, quiet, inexpensive PC you can put anywhere
Budget System -- Reliable and highly functional at a low, low price

About the Author
Robert Bruce Thompson is a coauthor of Building the Perfect PC, Astronomy Hacks, and the Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders. Thompson built his first computer in 1976 from discrete chips. It had 256 bytes of memory, used toggle switches and LEDs for I/O, ran at less than 1MHz, and had no operating system. Since then, he has bought, built, upgraded, and repaired hundreds of PCs for himself, employers, customers, friends, and clients. Robert spends most clear, moonless nights outdoors with his 10-inch Dobsonian reflector telescope, and is currently designing a larger, computerized, truss-tube Dobsonian that he plans to build.
Barbara Fritchman Thompson is a coauthor of Building the Perfect PC, PC Hardware Buyer's Guide, Astronomy Hacks, and PC Hardware in a Nutshell. Barbara worked for 20 years as a librarian before starting her own home-based consulting practice, Research Solutions, and is also a researcher for the law firm Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, PLLC. Barbara is an avid amateur astronomer.Building the Perfect PC, 2010

Enjoy! ... t_ID=72526
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