Measurements & Conversions: A Complete Guide

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Measurements & Conversions: A Complete Guide

Postby SPeter » 27 Dec 2010, 09:30

Marry Christmas to all, and best wishes!

This book is not devoted to electronics but will be useful to many people!

" Measurements & Conversions is divided into 12
sections, each of which is devoted to a particular
category of facts and figures. If you know which
category you wish to explore, merely turn to the table
of contents to find the relevant page number.
Unit conversion index
In this book, there are tables for converting units from
the US units/UK imperial system of measurement to the
metric system (and vice versa), and for converting one
type of unit to another within the same system. The
Unit Conversion Index enables you to refer quickly to
the tables in which a particular unit is converted.
Within each section, you will find a selection of conversion
formulas. These are easy-to-use formulas for
common conversions; you will need to use a calculator
for most of them, although many are simple, approximate
Conversion tables
Each group of units has its conversion tables: pages of
quick-reference tables for all US units/UK imperial and
metric measurements from meters to feet, grains to
grams. These are particularly handy if you do not have
a calculator. It would be impossible to accommodate
tables listing every possible conversion, so the material
included is not exhaustive.

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