RIP SPeter....Peter Davidoff

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Re: RIP SPeter....Peter Davidoff

Postby gurishka » 06 Apr 2012, 02:47

Rest In Peace SPeter, thanks for all the help in the forum and all the posts and attachments.
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Re: RIP SPeter....Peter Davidoff

Postby Winther » 22 Jan 2013, 19:38

Rest easy....thanks for sharing the knowledge and being that way about it....did not interact, but always enjoyed his posts. :|
(Sorry about the zombie thread....but only learned it now....guess I am not all that often here :( )
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Re: RIP SPeter....Peter Davidoff

Postby modman » 05 Feb 2013, 14:56

I found that Peter's photobucket album is still up: worth a look ... r/library/
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Re: RIP SPeter....Peter Davidoff

Postby bumblebee » 18 Feb 2019, 07:43

A shame. I still have some PMs in my inbox talking to him.

A cool guy.

Hail brother!
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