Jordan Bosstone...Output cap required?

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Jordan Bosstone...Output cap required?

Postby d rock » 12 Jun 2017, 10:03

So I've been playing around with this circuit on a breadboard. The capacitor sizes are a big key in this circuit so I've been switching them out. .068uf input cap and .047uf cap to ground. I have had anywhere from .022uf to .1uf as output, and bigger tended to sound better to me. So eventually I was running this into a harmonic perk variant that I built and decided to try removing the output cap from the bosstone. I really couldn't notice much difference, if anything the sound got a little bigger but about the same.

So my question is, do you really need a output cap on this circuit or is there something bigger that I'm missing. I'm fairly new to building my own circuits so I might be missing something big here... Any thoughts?
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Re: Jordan Bosstone...Output cap required?

Postby mirosol » 12 Jun 2017, 18:22

Without that cap you'll have the same dc voltage at the output as the second transistor. So yes, you defnitely need the cap there. Try 1u-2,2u (positive to circuit - negative to output) and you shouldn't lose anything from the signal due to too small cap.
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