1992 Boss CE5 Analogue Chorus

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1992 Boss CE5 Analogue Chorus

Postby Tentomushi » 20 Jan 2018, 19:10

Hey guys and girls!
Here's a couple of gut shots of this little gem of a chorus along with the schematics/service manual.

Boss CE-5 First Version. Stunning rich heady analogue chorus. Made with high quality fully analogue components. Version is printed on the PCB so it is easy to figure out which version you have, this one is CE-5 and therefore Mark 1. This first version is closely related to the CE-2 and CE-3. It uses the 1024 stage Panasonic BBD MN3007 and its associated clock driver 3101
The CE-5 is the 4th pedal in Boss Chorus Ensemble line. The major difference between the CE-5 and its predecessors is the addition of a level control and a high and low filter control. It has been in production for longer than any other chorus in the CE series but remained virtually unchanged until it received a major overhaul October 2001 to soulless integrated digital boards.
^^knicked off Reverb^^

I'm still new to this game and wanted to give something back. I could not find anything on this site on the ce5 and was looking at what could be done to improve on its overall sound and noise level like ridding it of ceramic caps and what not. I have built a mad bean pork barrel CE2 which i love and it has a different quality about it but is lacking something from the ce5 and it tweakable. I know that they are very similar circuits. Overall I think the ce5 has a bit more depth and overall it's a bit more dirty but with a different kind of throbb/sweep that is less pleasing than the ce2. It also has quite a bit of hiss with the the high filter on full that might have something to do with the ceramic caps.

If anyone wants to clone this or has any thoughts and theories as to how to mod and improve on it will be more than welcome. I am very much still learning the basics and I have been out of the game for quite a while after starting a new job. Its my first post here and In short I am a bit of a nube so apologies if i have gotten anything wrong. :P

If any one wants more pics, feel free to ask.

Cheers guys.

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