Ibanez TS-7 TS7 mods?

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Re: Ibanez TS-7 TS7 mods?

Postby flowmastergfunk » 14 Aug 2014, 15:28

flowmastergfunk wrote:After playing with an SH7 that I have on the bench, I decided to toy around further with an attempt at getting an HD momentary switch to work without switchbounce. I have found that bridging a 473k cap across the the switch terminals boasts borderline flawless performance. I am also fond of the performance of a spdt momentary that I experimented with as well. I may even prefer it!


After a lot of field testing, I prefer not to use the spst soft touch momentary for any tone loc dirt pedals (albeit smooth and silent :) ). Even with the capacitor, they are more prone to switch bounce. On the modulation pedals that I have tested (DE7, PH7, CF7), they work with high accuracy. Even without the capacitor. I also have very good results with them in DOD pedals.

The dirt pedals are much more sensitive. Bench testing with your fingertip, the button is much more unpredictable than it is with a confident stomp. with your finger, 1 out of 5 cycles would be erradic. With you foot, maybe one out of 30. While this still may be more dependable than the stock switch, I have been witnessing 100% accuracy with the spdt version thus far. Still using the .047u cap, and wired in "normally open" configuration.

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Re: Ibanez TS-7 TS7 mods?

Postby kylegbenson » 19 Feb 2019, 16:09

I know that's it been a while since there's been any traffic on this thread, but any assistance will be much appreciated. I'm pretty competent at building pedals using vero layouts from the tagboard site, but I'm currently attempting to modify my old TS7 for 3pdt true bypass. I've located a schematic (see attached file) and if I'm understanding correctly, I need to remove most of the components on the Function SW PCB per the Tube Screamer info on the ElectroSmash site. I also think I've determined the circuit in/out. All of that said, I'm not feeling terribly confident that I've got a full picture of what components need to be removed,jumpered, etc. If you have successfully completed this mod on the TS7 please share the steps I may be missing/misunderstanding.
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