SRV tone with pedal

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Re: SRV tone with pedal

Postby phatt » 29 May 2018, 12:36

Cub wrote:
phatt wrote:Well Hope I have not caused too much confusion :oops:
R2 was drawn wrong.
Here is the Corrected Drawing;
[ Image ]

Hey Moderator; Is there any way I can delete the Wrong Drawing at top of this page?

It was a little mistake and an easy fix, glad it all ironed out so smoothly. :thumbsup

Here are my first impressions with a Tele and a small 15 Watt 1x12 tube amp on low levels (and a 33k resistor between the input and the plate)

After playing with it for a while with all the settings, the bypassed signal now sounds really thick in the lowend, the ears adjust quite quick to this little box! The setting that's the low input without a cut is a little dull and the thinnest two are too thin for this setup to sound useful. The two remaining settings are great and really bring a lot of clarity to this amp without ever sounding too thin or harsh or anything like that.

With any luck, I can try it with a 100 Watt Marshall JVM on top of a 4x12 with G12T75 speakers on Wednesday.

Enjoy,, :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup
Yes a lot of modern Amp circuits tend to try and cut a lot of bass to accommodate the more distorted sounds demanded so the highest settings will sound too thin and lack bass on a lot of them.... But if you can find the older Amps then you will be able to use the higher settings and still have a solid thick bass.. 8)
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Re: SRV tone with pedal

Postby Cub » 30 May 2018, 09:37

Just had a go with the JVM. To be honest, not having any humbucker equiped guitars at the moment and with such a moderh high gain tanker as the JVM, I wasn't it expecting to sound very good. Boy, was I wrong... this box is absolutely brilliant!

Many agree the JVM needs a Tube Screamer or a graphic EQ pedal to tighten the lows. Nonsense! This little box is all the JVM needs to take care of that. The boomy sound that makes the room resonate on a chunky palm mute? Gone!
Even though it was just the Tele, I imagine the results will be equally stellar with humbuckers and guitars with too many strings. The thinnest two settings will probably come in handy for those situations as well.

Now I want to build the defizzerator as well to put in the loop of the JVM. If that works nice as as the Philterbox, it'll be the ultimate battery free amp companion. Perhaps I should put an extra master volume in there as well for those amps that jump from barely audible to way too loud when you turn the volume from 1 to 2.

Great stuff! Thanks again, Phil, for giving us this little gizmo. :thumbsup
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Re: SRV tone with pedal

Postby Seiche » 30 May 2018, 13:35

Wow musicheals and stratlover71 are so thinly veiled shills, it hurts. Their website also looks like it's from the 90ies.
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