Caline CP-51 Rumble Strip Tremolo mods help

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Caline CP-51 Rumble Strip Tremolo mods help

Postby ilb3lva » 07 Mar 2019, 12:03

Hi guys, first post here!
Short intro: I've got a long experience as musician, but no solid engeneering background. I know how to solder and desolder and I've built and designed some passive guitar circuits. I have got some pedal projects in mind and I want to enter the DIY pedal world!

To enter the DIY world I want to start from some mods on some cheap clone pedals: I've just ordered a Caline Tremolo, which I'm almost sure that's a Joyo Trem rebrand (that's supposedly a clone of the Diaz Tremodillo)

I'm thinking about adding two external pots to pilot the two internal trims (width and volume). Regarding the first mod (trim) I've found some guides on the net (e.g. ). But regarding the volume I could only find a post on another forum ( ... od.315886/), reading that post it looks like I could just simply substitute the trimmer with a 100k pot. After those mods the pedal should be a more versatile trem and also a mild clean boost in case of need.

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