Biyang delay improvement (or any cheap delay)

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Biyang delay improvement (or any cheap delay)

Postby Chris_Summerfield » 10 Aug 2017, 15:26

So the problems with the pedal were that the guitar signal became much brighter when the effect was on and I couldn't really get the whole delay thing to work because the end signal just felt kind of busy. To solve the brightness I added a 0.0056 cap in parallel to the input cap just letting a little more bass through. Then I added a 0.033 cap to the outer lugs of the mix control. This effectively takes out all the highs on just the repeats (like a tone control maxed out) your original guitar signal is unaffected so that tends to cut through more and the darker repeats no longr get in the way.. Hope this helps someone.
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Re: Biyang delay improvement (or any cheap delay)

Postby Marb » 30 Apr 2019, 05:47

Hi, I have the same problem with a pasher? Can you tell me where is the input cap in your delay?
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