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Re: VeroRoute - Free layout software for Vero, Perf, & PCBs

PostPosted: 02 Aug 2019, 11:12
by DrAlx
Thanks for pointing those things out. I'll fix them up as part of next release.

I never used to include a Linux install script (it's only been there a couple of weeks) and forgot to update the read me file after I added it.
The chmod +x should not have been necessary so there must have been a problem with how I created the zip file.
When I make a new release I copy all files from Linux to Windows so I can do the Windows builds, and then produce the zips for all platforms from there, so I think the file permissions are getting lost along the way.

Re: VeroRoute - Free layout software for Vero, Perf, & PCBs

PostPosted: 02 Sep 2019, 15:42
by DrAlx
V1.69 is out. Improvements since last month's release:

[*] Wires can share a hole.
[*] Wires can cross at 90 degrees or be laid one above the other.
[*] Auto-routing improved (to respect existing user-defined tracks between pins).
[*] Improved component editor functionality (to allow rotated and filled shapes).
[*] New view type with coloured components and monochrome tracks to greatly improve readability.
[*] Support netlist input in OrCAD2 format so KiCad can be used as a schematic editor.

Download from main page at

Re: VeroRoute - Free layout software for Vero, Perf, & PCBs

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2020, 17:10
by DrAlx
V1.78 is out.

Apart from few bug fixes since V1.69 there have been several improvements.

New feature: Make pin label alignment (Left,Centre,Right) editable in pin labels dialog. This helps with defining custom components.

Better treatment of part labels under part rotation, and connectors have offset labels by default.

Improvement: In Mono mode (i.e. toner-transfer) mode, all text boxes are now automatically mirrored.

New feature: Added info to the rendering dialog showing the minimum guaranteed track separation
based on the current track style and settings. This was needed for the main new feature ....

New "PCB view mode" that allows Gerber export for single-sided PCBs. (It's still techinically a beta and I have not updated the tutorials yet though).


So with VeroRoute, you can now go from a vero or perf design and with a few clicks convert the design to a single-sided PCB and have it manufactured.
The next step (within a few weeks) will be to provide the option of 2-sided board manufacture, with the tool automatically taking all jumpers in your design and turning them into tracks on the second copper layer.

Re: VeroRoute - Free layout software for Vero, Perf, & PCBs

PostPosted: 17 Feb 2020, 02:39
by DrAlx
V1.79 is out now and let's you export as either 1-layer PCB (that could still need jumpers), or as 2-layer PCB with all jumpers in the design turned into tracks on the top layer.
I will soon extend the current auto-routing algorithm to handle both layers, with the aim of making this the simplest piece of software for getting a basic board manufactured.

Download from the main page at: