when to braid wires and when not to?

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when to braid wires and when not to?

Postby zilla » 28 Jan 2015, 00:12

In an effort to try and clean up the wiring in my builds i'd like to try and start to braid the wires going to the pots.

i'm guessing/assuming that tone controls shouldn't add noise, but gain and volumes controls make me nervous, especially with high gain pedals like the dr. boogie.

can i safely braid the wires going to the gain and volume pots without adding noise or oscillation?

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Re: when to braid wires and when not to?

Postby FiveseveN » 28 Jan 2015, 13:20

Wires in proximity form a tiny parasitic capacitor. Depending on what signals flow through those wires, it might actually reduce noise or HF oscillation (e.g. in a negative feedback loop) or horribly aggravate it (e.g. coupling input and in phase output).
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Re: when to braid wires and when not to?

Postby grrrunge » 28 Jan 2015, 13:58

Twisting the wires introduces inductance as well, providing higher resistance for higher frequency AC signals. That could probably eliminate some HF-noise, if used carefully.
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