Lovepedal Silicon Fuzzmaster  [traced]

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Re: Lovepedal Silicon Fuzzmaster

Postby freq67 » 14 Aug 2014, 15:24

What is C6 it there to adjust the roll off of the volume pot so it doesn't get muddy?
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Re: Lovepedal Silicon Fuzzmaster

Postby Bernardduur » 15 Aug 2014, 07:45

I think it is there to roll off some treble; maybe the unit got too trebly?
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Re: Lovepedal Silicon Fuzzmaster

Postby Nacho5 » 20 Aug 2014, 00:50

IvIark wrote:Yes give it a go, it'll be interesting to hear what you think of the results

Well, the last weekend i tried some Ge PNP in this pedal. It sound amaizing, more bass and fuzz is like 70 sound. I have to test the HFE of transitors.

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Re: Lovepedal Silicon Fuzzmaster

Postby AisPedal » 12 Feb 2019, 00:58

Nocentelli wrote:The first one is identical to a standard fuzzface (DC bias fixed, AC bias variable between an effective 1k and zero k), the second gives a DC bias variable from 1k5 to 1k and an AC bias of 500ohms to zero ohms.... I think.

Is there any difference in sound for the two models presented?
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