Boss NF-1 to SG-1 conversion

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Re: Boss NF-1 to SG-1 conversion

Postby puppiesonacid » 20 Feb 2020, 17:58

ansil wrote:[ Image ]

ok the box outlined in red i pretty much recommend to just remove and or reuse for the components. notice the two arrows in yellow cut traces to ground and use two wires to flip this.
change the 33k to a 47k tie it to the gate of q3

the caps in purple would probably just be better to mount on top of the board. connect points z together. change 2M pot to a 20k

lost the original one due to some crazy windows seven error this was a fast and dirty redo hope it helps

Can the pic with the noted changes be reposted or retrieved by any chance?
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Re: Boss NF-1 to SG-1 conversion

Postby ansil » 13 Mar 2020, 22:02

Not quite sure what you mean the picture still there I clicked on the image link and it works fine
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